The Underground

Discover The Next Big Underground Artist! College Underground Radio set out to find a few artists that are great picks for really good music. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before, and some of them you may very well have not. However, chances are that you will almost always discover something new, entertaining and informative. 


College Underground Radio has taken this popular platform geared towards telling the story of unsigned independent and underground artists. We are shining a light into the underground and independent music world, exposing all that the mainstream has overlooked and we deem it the new mainstream, that which is quality driven and powerful.


With that said, take a break, mellow out for a minute and Discover The Next Big Underground Artist!

James Nikolas has been a guitarist for 30 years and his love for music is still in full swing. Now a days his focus is just a little different. Having played most styles of music ranging from metal to jazz, he really has grasped the feel of how to approach music. With his song writing, James really applys feeling and emotion into his songs.

We strive for ‘punchy riff rock’ but we know we have elements of soft rock and classic rock as well. We feel our sound comes from many different genres as we have all grown up with different backgrounds and influences.

Scott Pullen’s formidable musical background has taken him around the World playing at some of the most exclusive parties and alongside some of the most infamous talent in the music industry. His DJ repertoire contains a diverse range of eclectic tastes.