Underground Interview With Scott Pullen

Scott Pullen

Scott Pullen’s formidable musical background has taken him around the World playing at some of the most exclusive parties and alongside some of the most infamous talent in the music industry. His DJ repertoire contains a diverse range of eclectic tastes.


These that include nu-disco, deep and tech house through to Latin and Afro rhythms, Jazz, Soul and Funk. Drawing from his extensive musical background, Pullen can easily adapt to any crowd, always offering up dance-worthy track after track.


A multi-instrumentalist with a focus on guitar, an avid interest in different types of music and styles led him to play professionally as a teenager. Pullen’s creativity knew no bounds as he went on to study Film, Video and Sound at Newcastle University where he spent his free time DJing at renowned underground club, Nightmoves. Soon after, he was offered a position a resident DJ at Sydney premiere venue, The Tivoli, where he remained, DJing six nights a week for three years. During this time, Pullen was also holding down a day job at Universal Music, as their National Dance Music Consultant.


Pullen quickly became one of the most in-demand DJs in Australia during the birth of the Australian dance scene in the 80’s. His notoriety landing him gigs playing for Sydney’s infamous RAT parties with 15,000 crowds as well as supporting international acts such as Frankie Knuckles, Adeva, Grace Jones & Beats International. 


Then Pullen did a pivotol shift as he dived into the burgeoning world of acid jazz, touring with heavyweights Incognito, Galliano, James Taylor Quartet, Mother Earth, St. Germain,Giles Peterson and Eddie Pillar. He was voted by industry peers in the first ever DJ Magazine Top 100, the most reputable and credible rating system Worldwide.


Pullen’s love for house music brought him back to the stage in Sydney where he was quickly snatched up by super-clubs Tank and Home, as their resident DJ. He supported the likes of Fatboy Slim, Armand Van Helding, Francois K, Groove Armanda and Steve Lawler, just to name a few.


His experience has cemented him gigs with some of the most elite in the business including private parties for Jamiroquai, NYE parties on tropical islands for Keanu Reeves, a Vogue Magazine party for Vivian Westwood as well as playing the closing party at the Sydney 2000 Olympics to a crowd of 100,000 strong.

Recently, Scott has performed at headline shows at Ku De Ta (Bali), Catch Beach Club (Phuket), Oskar’s (Bangkok), The Monarchy (Singapore) & currently works as the resident DJ at Café Del Mar’s flagship venue in Bali where he has supported the likes of Erick Morillo & Christoph. Scott was also voted Best DJ at Bali’s YAK Awards 2019. Scott is currently working as guest DJ at One&Only resort, Le Saint Géran, in Mauritius.


Scott’s debut tracks, ‘Mombasa’ & ‘Lost in Rio’ are released on Caballero Records & are available to download on Beatport or stream on Spotify. He has signed a new track, One Heart, One Body, One Mind’ featuring Kamau Abayomi to the UK’s Inward Records which will be released as a remix bundle in 2022. Having only been producing music for just over 18 months & with so much success already, Scott Pullen is an artist to keep an eye on in 2022.


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What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

My music is a mix of deep, organic house with Afro/Latin influnces.


How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?

My parents gave it to me when I was born :-)


What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?

I'm influenced by many artists from around the world. I really enjoy the underground sounds from DJs like Lee Burridge, (who you may know from Burning Man or his All Day I dream events), Pippi Ciez, Sparrow & Barbossa, Tim Green & many more. I've always been interested in black music, so I tend to lean towards Afro/Latin sounds, soul, funk & jazz.


What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

I'm currently working as guest DJ over the festive season at a beautiful resort in Mauritius called One&Only. I've been working on a track called 'One Heart, One Body, One Mind' which is a deep Afro groove & features the words of wisdom of Kamau Abayomi, who is a spiritual poet based in Bali. It will be released on the UK's Inward Records run by Pipp Ciez & Sparrow & Barbossa. They have described it as a summer anthem, so they are holding off on releasing it until June or July next year with a few solid remixes from other artists on their label.

I've also been working on a track that samples one of the biggest bands in the history of music (I can't say who just yet), but every time I play it, people come up to me trying to Shazam the track & asking who made it, so I'm excited to be shopping it for release to labels in the New Year.


What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

I'm currently in discussions with the One&Only resort group who are interested in having me DJ at their resorts around the world & curate some playlists for them. I take my studio with me wherever I travel & they have resorts in the Maldives, Dubai, South Africa, Mexico, The Greek Islands & many more. I'd be very happy to travel the world working for them & producing music & collaborating with local artists along the way.


What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?

I love testing out my new, unreleased material when I DJ. It's always good to hear my tracks played up against other artists' work that I love to see how I can make it better. My current release, 'Mombasa', always gets the dance floor rocking!


What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

I'm an Australian DJ but have been based in Bali for the past 4 years. I run an entertainment agency in Sydney remotely from Bali & I was also DJing at beach clubs in Bali like Cafe Del Mar, Savaya & Rock bar until the Covid lockdowns were enforced in March 2019. I had no potential to earn a living for 20 months or so. I resigned myself to the facet & decided to set up a studio in my villa & learn how to produce my own music. I have many tracks that I produced over this time & now I am seeing them released which is very rewarding & exciting. So not being able to work or make an income was very difficult, but I turned it into a positive & focussed on upgrading my skill set in the studio.


What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?

I don't have a typical process for making my tracks. It varies quite a bit. I might find a sample, like the female bossa nova vocal in my track 'Lost in Rio', that I just loved & decided to build a track just around that vocals sample. I find sounds I really like, whether it be from a VST on my midi keyboard or a sample I found. I then add bits & pieces to see what works & what doesn't. My tracks just grow organically.


How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?

Not really. They may well change in the future, but not at the moment. It's always rewarding to receive positive feedback from my followers on social media. Engaging with my audience is very important to me.


What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?

I'm loving a track called 'Osama' by Zakes Bantwini & Kasango. It's like a deep Afro-house prayer. So joyous & uplifting. Here's a few other tracks I'm currently loving.

"Sikhanyisele (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)" - Leo Guardo, Toshi, Sparrow & Barbossa
"Life Path Nine (Original Mix) " - Pippi Ciez & Ning Ning
"Open Form" feat. Reigan - Lost Desert, Reigan, Amand
"Love Tonight (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix)" - Shouse, Vintage Culture, Kiko Franco

You can check out many more on my playlist for One&Only Le Saint Géran via the link below.


What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

I've been a DJ all my life & run an entertainment agency, booking DJs & bands across Australia & the Asia/Pacific region.


Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

It's a highly competitive industry, so you really have to be committed. I would advise anyone starting out to not make it your primary form of income, but to work hard at it & be committed. Don't copy anyone else's sound. Be true to yourself & be persistent. Your hard work & commitment will hopefully & eventually pay off.


What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?

Once music became digital, everything changed. Unfortunately, these days it's very difficult for artists these days to make a living out of selling or streaming music unless they are in the top 10% or so. I think artists should be paid more money by streaming services like Apple Music & Spotify etc.


How Do You Feel About Originality?

Originality is everything. Everyone has their own taste in music, but if you personally like something, then chances are that other people will too. Stick to your guns, do your own thing & make your sound the best that it can be!


Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?

It's been a very difficult time for many people, but you just need to work hard, stay committed, ask your peers for feedback, make mistakes, learn from them & grow.