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You Are What You Listen To

listen-to-the-musicIn trying times like these, I now, more than ever, hold more stock in the wise words of men past. While we may never know the depths of the music industry truth, we do have experts confirming that we, as humans, naturally emulate behavior. Doesn’t it make sense that the powers that be would encourage television shows, movies and music with violent lyrics and artists with negative self-images that influence people to become more violent towards one another? Why would those in power need to step in to eradicate us when we will simply destroy each other over time?

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Rhett May - Insatiable


Before embarking on my Rhett May journey I did a little sniffing around, simply to see what it was that I was walking into, a musical mental preparation, of sorts.  When I discovered that Rhett May is compared to classic artists such as The Beatles, The Doors and Nash and Young I became, understandably so, skeptical. Upon reading Rhett’s biography I realized that he grew up in an environment (India and Himalayas) I know nothing about and was immersed in scenes I can now only read about. In my mind, this could only mean one thing: I was about to hear something interesting.

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Should I Buy Twitter Followers?


Before you go ahead and decide that it’s worth it because, hey, they only charge 8.95 per 1000 followers, so why not?

Put down the debit card and read this before you purchase!

While this may be a quick and easy way to see an attractive increase in your followers in 24-72 hours, once you look into who is actually following you…well…things may get ugly. 

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