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Underground Interview With Seth Dobbs


Seth Dobbs is a rising singer songwriter in Nashville who’s raw talent, strong voice, and relatable lyrics allow audiences to truly feel what is behind his music. His deep passion for music shines through in his clear voice and convincing lyrics, which have been described as “captivating”. Seth, a natural storyteller...

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Underground Interview With Michelle Cadreau

Michelle CadreauMichelle Cadreau (Blue Sky) is a Hip-Hop/Rap lyricist and recording artist who has developed a writing and rapping style with both subtlety and introspection to reflect her Native Canadian, Indian and Polish using her lyrical deftness and distinct vantage point to create music that is true to her while paying homage to the complex backstory of rap and hip hop. Here is what she had to say: Read More

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Underground Interview With Eric Ziegler

Eric Ziegler

Hailing from South East Missouri, Eric Ziegler is a young Singer/Songwriter. At 18 years of age, Eric was in a signed Rock band but didn't realize the chance he was given. He had beat the streets promoting and touring, and a dream had finally come true. Eric Ziegler proves every time he steps under the stage lights that he is having just as much fun as all those singing the words back to him.Read More

Underground Interview With Peggy Finston

peggy finston

"I love music, especially  the magic in writing music.  I grab onto my high voltage moments, whatever they are, and the heavenly Mix Master from the Universe transforms this to a song that hopefully sings to others. Peggy Finston came to music late, discovered even later that it was not a hobby, a luxury or anything else superfluous.   Her music is  journaling and serves as intention-setter, prayers, and goodbyes. We caught up with Peggy and here is what she had to say: Read More

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Underground Interview With Determined


DETERMINED featuring Napoleon Gilbert Sr and Bruce Osby Sr is a dynamic gospel duo behind the hit debut single "Going to Church," which features powerhouse vocalist Napoleon Gilbert Sr. of Mansfield, La. and soul-stirring vocalist Bruce Osby of Pleasant Hill, La. via Houston, Texas. Our genre is Christian and our music is inspirational with a down home southern feel. Read More

Featured Artist Cheryl Williams

cheryl williams1

Cheryl Williams is a singer, songwriter. She writes her own songs as an amazing way to express her deepest feelings. She loves singing and has been singing for as long time and has been compared to the tone of Roberta Flack with soul like Anita Baker.Read More

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