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Underground Interview with Silent Stranger


Silent Stranger® comes from an earlier, more disciplined age of music, which explains why there are real instruments and strong production values attached to his work. Foundation influences compel a higher standard of composition and musicianship than is normally the case for an independent artist. Silent Stranger® emphasizes great songwriting, tight instrumentation and beautiful cascading harmonies. The songs have a timeless nature that classic/melodic rock fans will love to have in their collection.Read More

Underground Interview with Anthony Alan

AnthonyAlanAnthony Alan was born between the black and ivory of the keys. Gravitating to guitar at 15, the rocket was launched with no parachute or intent to return. Flash forward to the present & the machine is definitely in motion. Beyond blessed, the fear of success is what makes him his best. Anthony composes nearly all of his music. It's rock of some type, with a lot of emotional injection.   Read More

Underground Interview with Richard Puliti

SKP thesexykidproject

Richard Puliti is a rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer from Italy who has been in the music industry for 10 years. He first started playing the bass guitar at the age of 16. He formed his own band HAMMER in 2005 and they have since released two EPs, three full length albums, two live albums and a compilation album. Richard is composing new music, recording in studios and touring. Read More

Underground Interview With Kate Magdalena

KateMagdalenaKate grew up to the sounds of the music of Broadway in New York City, during the era of the Beatles, Joni Mitchell and so many inspiring singer-songwriters. Drawn to Celtic music, she became very inspired by Loreena McKennitt, the Canadian singer. Her songwriting began by setting some poems by great poets like WB Yeats and Robert Frost to music. In the past few years she began writing about...Read More

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Underground Interview With Seth Dobbs


Seth Dobbs is a rising singer songwriter in Nashville who’s raw talent, strong voice, and relatable lyrics allow audiences to truly feel what is behind his music. His deep passion for music shines through in his clear voice and convincing lyrics, which have been described as “captivating”. Seth, a natural storyteller...

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Underground Interview With Charisma

CharmismaCharisma is a solo Gospel and R&B Soul artist who began writing poetry and then advanced into songwriting. A native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Charisma says that the intention with her sound is to join spirits together universally. Charisma is a six time Akademia Music Awards winner with best Gospel/Soul Album for God’s Grace in 2015, throughout her catalog; Charisma fills each number with the message of the Lord. Read More

Underground Interview With JD Carroll

JD Carroll

JD Carroll has been writing music since before paper was invented. Originally, he carved his lyrics into wood tree limbs and etched them onto slabs of soft stone. This was an extremely time consuming way to record his music. JD has worked on refining his sound and recording his music. Check out his amazing story.

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Underground Interview With Gianni Ferretti


Gianni Ferretti was born in Tivoli (Roma) and studied piano, harmony and composition with M. Cleoto Silvani, while at the same time being interested in the study of synthesizers and their programming. His music is merely instrumental pop and rock music. Gianni was one of the founders of Creuza De Ma ', and his first CD was released by Lengimusic and produced by Pippo Spampinato. Read More

Underground Interview With Loveblind


Loveblind: the concept that love is not only blind, but blinding; the hard edge of metal fused with jazz, hip hop, electronica, R&B, and grunge; exploring the joy and pain of the human experience. These are the ingredients of each Loveblind track. Loveblind began weaving this unique brand of music on the tapestry of East Los Angeles county’s local scene in January of 2016. One year later and the world was being introduced to the Hacienda Heights-based group Read More

Underground Interview With Superfecta


"Take a deep breath and let your ears make a journey into the many shades and textures which fill the palette of Superfecta." London based hard rockers Superfecta delivers a sound which has it`s roots in grunge and classic rock but with a vibrant and fresh modern alternative twist. In between gigging and studio time, Superfecta took time to share with The Underground:

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Underground Interview With Gee Sunray


Gee Sunray has been playing and making music on and off for 20 years. He plays  rhythm guitar, lead guitar and keyboard. In his spare time he likes to write songs. Gee Sunray has written Recession blues, Leeds Life and E.L.O, his favorite band. He has most recently performed at The Bier Keller Leeds, Observatory Leeds, Hyde Park Festival, Rodley Beer Festival, The Chemic, the Grove, The Wren Leeds.Read More

Underground Interview with Räs knot

rs knto

Räs knto has been creating electronic music for over ten years, mostly bass music but not only. He believes in universal love and hope in mankind, I think all dreams can be realized by the power of the will. His opinion is that art is not merchandising that is why all his music is in free download, He does not have a label and runs his own way as an independent. Read More


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