Ilkka HackmanIlkka Hackman is a Finnish-born singer/songwriter making music as an indie-artist recording songs in his home studio. His career started in 90's in a conservatory where he studied classical guitar and since 90's has worked as a professional guitar teacher.

In addition, Ilkka has performed classical music as well as his own songs in different bands/projects from time to time. Recently, Ilkka has concentrated more on working alone by preparing his forthcoming solo-album little by little.

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What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

Would say the nearest Genre might be classic pop influenced by many genres and bands especially connected to 60s or 70s songwriting culture. It's melodious music with rich harmonies and arrangements. But my style also varies because of different preferences in music(pop, classical, jazz, musical, rock, progressive, rock, brill building etc).

How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?

I just wanted to use my own personal name, that's the thing.What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?:When I was young I was already a big Beatles freak. In addition the classical music was big part of my background. Through Beatles I got to know many other artists like Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Dylan, Brill-building songwriters from early 60s(Sedaka, King/Goffin, Bacharach...), Mamas & Papas, Zombies. In addition I checked out some progressive music, alternative-stuff, jazz...many things in the end.

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

I'm working on my own by preparing my forthcoming solo-album. All of these releases will be part of it.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

I would be happy if I would achieve with my music a certain-kind of faithful crowd who really love my music and who would finally get an opportunity to find my music. Thinking the process my goal is simply to produce as good music as possible, produce the music only from musical premises and above all to be honest to myself. Still, the dream might be that one day in future  melodious and rich pop music would be the mainstream  again and me as an artist would have a chance to be the one inside of it.

What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?

It's called "Come to My Life". It's acoustic song and it just works perfectly only with guitar and voice, that's why it's nice to perform. Still it's unreleased track that might see the daylight in next spring.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

Well, I think the challenge is always to learn new things and to operate in levels that feels uncomfortable at first..but at the same time it's absorbing cause, you know, then I'm really challenging myself, developing myself and keeping myself fresh in process. Every new song is always a new story with new dimensions. Very interesting and wonderful all in all.

What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?

Very often my songs will be composed naturally by itself and I actually don't have certain method to's the thing that just happens very spontaneously. I mean, I can have some catchy melody-line/phrase in my head that forces me to pick up my guitar or piano..then everything comes out fast and fluently. Then I notice that the whole song structure might be ready after a couple of hours before I polish the lyrics. After the music and lyrics starts the biggest work when arranging and producing the whole thing.

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?

I think it's the good platform to introduce my music.

What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?

From oldies but Goldies. For example Beach Boys, Beatles, Neil Sedaka, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach, Frank Sinatra, Crowded House, classical music like Debussy etc.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

I just studied in high school but actually I have been engaged to music during all of my less no more.

Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

I would say. Be honest to your own ambitions, by being honest you can be the one that is real and that counts.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?

I would emphasize the things from musical premises and create the music industry that provides musical stuff to listeners that also challenges the consumers and throughout that develops their taste with musical richness, flavors, sentimental characters and so on.

How Do You Feel About Originality?

Without originality it's hard to imagine anything real. Everything starts from originality in my opinion.