AwakentheMachineAwaken the Machine is a Rock band from Salt Lake City, UT. and founded by multi-instrumentalist, Robb Jolley. The debut record, PT. 1 was recorded by Robb Jolley in Salt Lake City, UT. The album was produced by Grammy Nominated Producer, Joe Haze.

The debut album, PT.1 is one of three concept albums. After the release of PT. 1.

Awaken the Machine went back to the studio to complete PT.2 that will be released in 2021. PT. 2 was also produced by Joe Haze. The sophomore album from Awaken the Machine features Zac Bryant on drums, Randy Cordner on guitar, and Robb Jolley on vocals, guitars, piano, and bass guitar.

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What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

The musical genre that best describes my music is post rock/ambient rock. The way I write music is that I approach each instrument, including vocals as an orchestral piece. The drums and the bass guitars really take the main roll in most songs while the guitars take more of a strings approach with a lot of delays and a lot of reverb and color.

How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?

The name Awaken the Machine actually came from my tattoo artist. We were discussing the possibility of that we're all living in a simulation and that we use tools like meditation, hypnosis to break through to understand our own existence.

What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?

I have always been heavily influenced by British rock bands such as, Radiohead, Muse, Interpol, Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age, and of course, Pink Floyd.

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

I am finishing up the second album of the three part album series. The album will be released in two different versions, one that will be just one track of the entire album; this album is very much an album that you listen to in order, like PT. 1. I will also be releasing a traditional version where you can skip through the songs.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

My ultimate goal in the music industry is to create albums that make you feel. I want to create an inclusive culture among Awaken the Machine listeners. I want to reach as many people as I can.

What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?

My favorite track to perform live is the song, Just a Little from PT.1. That song was the song that started Awaken the Machine. It was the first song that I had written in several years. It is the most honest song that I have written lyrically. Every time I hear it or perform it, I feel like its the first time that I ever have heard it.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

The biggest challenge has been getting enough exposure.

What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?

My song writing process starts with me programing a drum beat. Then how ever that drum beat makes me feel, I'll pick up my bass and I just trust my hands and my passion for finding chord progressions, and grooves that make me feel. After I have drums and bass written, I'll add guitar and I do the same thing with guitar as I do with bass, I just trust my hands and my intentions. After that is completed, I'll set up my mic in my studio and just sing what ever first comes to my mind until I find phrases/melodies that work. Once I find them, I start to write the lyrics based off of what fits the best.

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?

Social Media has been a great tool for me. It allows me to reach people that I never could have reached in the past.

What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?

I am currently listening to The Dear Hunter, Mellowdrone, Phoebe Bridgers, and Nothing But Thieves.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

I worked in IT for Charter Schools.

Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

Don't over think your song writing process. Don't treat music like you're putting together furniture. Let the songs come to you, trust your subconscious mind, 99% of the time your first instinct are your best ideas. Write music and albums that you want to hear.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?

I don't what I would change. We all have to work together as a team, they're in the positions that they're in for a reason.

How Do You Feel About Originality?

Nobody is 100% original. We're all influenced by someone with anything that we do. The originality that you need is honest music that you and others can connect with.

Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?

I love music and I am very lucky to be able to express myself with music. It is my therapy and it allows me to escape my worries and put what I'm feeling into something that you can listen to.