BrianMacdonaldBryan Macdonald is a Composer, recording artist and session musician. He began his musical career in the mid-70’s, with his solo acoustic act, performing his own material in folk clubs in the West of England region.

In the late 1980’s Bryan began an association with Odyssey Music publishing Ltd in London, which resulted in a number of instrumental compositions being used by European Film and TV production companies in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Following a two-decade long hiatus Bryan returned to full time composing and recording in 2017, following a live performance at a music venue in Chino California in December 2015.

His first album, Distant Shore was released in late 2018.  Bryan’s second solo album, “The Gates to Sumer” was released in November 2019. Both albums were recorded at Brickwork Sound and Abbey Road Studios.

During the lockdown year of 2020, Bryan’s third album, “Emwell Cross”, was composed and performed in collaboration with the Italian composer and virtuoso pianist Filippo Lui. This album was released in December 2020. Bryans fourth album “Utopia”, is due for release on the 1st of May 2021. Both the third album, “Emwell Cross”, and the forthcoming album are co-produced by Andy Walter.  Bryan continues to work on solo projects, and in collaboration with other artists.

The fourth Studio album by Bryan Macdonald, is certain a change of direction to some degree into the realms of progressive psychedelic rock. An album inspired in part by the world events of 2020.

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What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound? Rock. Progressive Rock.


 How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?:It's my real nameWhat Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?

Pink Floyd, Early Genesis. Bob Dylan. The Beatles. Van Der Graaf Generator. Price. The Doors. Queen. Kate Bush.

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

The fourth Studio album by Bryan Macdonald, is certain a change of direction to some degree into the realms of progressive psychedelic rock. An album inspired in part by the world events of 2020.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

My main goals at this time, is to continue as a recording artist, with the occasional performance with musician friend here in the UK, Europe and the USA. I am keen for other artist to cover my material, if interested.

What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?

The track " World of Our Own, from my second album "The Gates to Sumer," because I performed this at my first festival performance, The Watchfield Festival in Oxford in 1975. It is also the son performed at my last live performance In Chino California in 2015.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

I perhaps should have push myself as a recording artist in earlier years. however, I am very happy to be devoting my full energies to that in the past 4 years and into the future.

What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?

In recent times, I invariably begin with my Breedlove acoustic guitar in a quiet rehearsal room at my studio, Brickwork Sound. I feel music, at that stage I think, even before hearing the chords. Then in the studio it begins usually with the acoustic guide experimenting with the drum kits, and often bass at that early stage. It does vary sometime, as with the 22 minute track Vulnera Utopia on my forthcoming album “Utopia” That began with the piano.

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?

Being of an older generation, who nonetheless is computer literate, I feel i am still very much learning the art of using Social media to best effect.

What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?

I am very much a solo artist at this stage, with some notable exceptions. My third album, "Emwell Cross" was partially composed in collaboration with the Italian virtuoso pianist and composer Filippo Lui, and both my 3rd and forthcoming 4th albums are co-produced by Andy Walter. Here are the links to their respective Bio’s:

Filippo Lui and the Crystal Music Project

Andy Walter, music producer and mastering engineer, Abbey Road Studios.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

My music career has coincided with other unrelated business activities from the 70's until 2016, where began to fully devote my time and effort toward composing and recording.

Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

Supplement your income with other profitable activities, until you can earn enough from the music industry to move forward independently. Secondly, always read any contract before signing, and if you fully understand it, which is understandable!, get legal advice before signing.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?

Celebrity has always been a large factor in the Music industry, but when that one factor becomes more important than musicianship and creative song writing, I personally feel that most everyone, and even eventually those who run the music industry loose in the end.

How Do You Feel About Originality?

Well everyone is ultimately influenced by someone else. The real problem comes perhaps, when every drum pattern and keyboard part sounds like a hundred other similar tracks. Put that together with commercial loudness in the final master, and I personally feel, that can often be a recipe for unoriginality.

Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?

Only to say that I feel, music is the one truly universal language, although a mathematician might dispute that. When people of all races and creeds and political beliefs come together, they often become one, unified by that powerful unifying force. Music!