Q: What is a College Underground Radio License

A: A College Underground Radio License is a business opportunity that simply provides an individual or company with the ability to own an internet radio station without having to start from scratch by using licensed materials. By obtaining a College Underground Radio License you have a massive head start in owning and operating an internet radio station.

Q: Why Buy A College Underground Radio License Verus Starting A Radio Station From Scratch?

A: Many people find they would rather get straight into the broadcasting side of owning a radio station, rather than spending time on the legal and technical issues involved in the set up. For these people, buying a License of an existing station can be a suitable alternative.

A College Underground Radio Station will have all the technical requirements already in place. Owning a License of an existing internet radio station can also be a good way to own a radio station for those living in large urban areas in which radio frequencies can be hard to come by.

There are many services that offer people an ability to build a radio station online. But there are no classes given on how to make that station a business.

Bottom line, we have already figured out how to make it work so you do not have to learn by trial and error.

Q: Is This Difficult?

A: Never before has it been so easy to start your very own College Underground Radio internet station. All you need is a working computer, an Internet connection and some creativity. We help you get started and to operate. 

Q: How Does The Music Setup?

A: You have three choices when beginning your station.

Option One: Set up your own music stream. We can help. There are a couple of delivery platforms you can use. We use a company called "Wavestream".  

Your stations music stream should be unsigned local artists and bands that you find specifically for your station. We reccommend that you use a mix of all types of music genres. See unsigned versus mainstream below. 

Option Two:Use the corporate music stream until you have a your own music submissions. Then switch to your own station music stream when you are ready. This is the reccommended option. 

The corporate stream of music that we program is a mix of genres, all unsigned, non-mainstream, underground and independent artists, bands and radio shows. Variety in music (not being bored) is a major attraction to our demographic.

Option Three: Operate your station with two streams of programmed music; one from corporate and one stream which you program or you can actually broadcast live if you like (only an option on your own music stream).

Don't worry, we will walk you through everything.

Q: Should I play "Underground or Independent Music" or "Mainstream (the type you can hear on any radio station)"?

A: We recommend broadcasting Underground and Independent music and artists. Make sure you have the artist permission (this is easy to get and we will show you how) to play their music royalty free. If you choose to play mainstream music and artists you will have to pay royalties to the artists. This can be very costly, often hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

Plus, if you call yourself an Underground Music Station, you should be playin underground music. 

Q: What Is My Market or Customers?

A: You can target your local or regional market (best for advertising) or go global. Your main listener or website visitor should be a majority of local area visitors. But, the internet is worldwide and so it can be with your website visitors. You are not restricted to just being local. 

Q: What Is My Targeted Demographic? 

A: You can target your local or regional market (best for advertising) or go global. The College Underground Radio serves two main demographics: 20-28 year olds and 30 - 50 year olds. Originally 20-28 year olds was the main market. However the 30-50 year olds found us and like us. 

Q: What Type Of Investment Will I Need?

A: A License fee of $1,500 for 1 years which is mutually renewable.

Q: What Do I Get?

A: See "What Do I Get". 

Q: Are There Any Additional Fees?

A: Not at this time. See "Getting Started" for additional information.

Q: Are There Any Royalties To College Underground Radio?

A: No.

Q: Can I Run This For Fun or Are There Revenue Requirements For The License That I Have To Maintain?

A: There are no revenue requirements you need to maintain. So, if you just want to have fun it is okay. But why not make some money?

Q: If I Want To Make Some Money, How Do I?

A: There are various ways to generate revenue. Advertising from artists and bands which can include music submissions, station features and website advertising. Radio Shows, Events and Sponsrs. Other revenue can be obtained from local businesses and national companies. For example: Website advertising, website sponsors, event sponsors, local events, in-house music for local businesses, etc.

Q: Do I have a Territory?

A: No. A license is not allowed to dictate a territory. That being said, we will do our best to not overlap.

Q: Do I Need To Have An Office Or Can I Work From Home?

A: You do not need to have an office in an expensive office building. You can operate from the comfort of your own home, basement or garage.

Q: Do I Need A Large Staff To Operate My Radio Station?

A: No. You can begin and operate solo. However, at some point, you might consider hiring commissioned sales people or talent scouts to help.

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