"Industry Spotlight" features a full written interview with an industry executive their company and career. "Industry Spotlight" can be seen by tens of thousands monthly visitors.

An "Industry Spotlight" Interview with the Industry Executive includes:

  • Full list of questions regarding the Industry Executive's company and career.
  • About their services and where to purchase them
  • Social Media promotions on the College Underground Radio social media pages.
  • Information for the reader to find the band's/artist's website and or social media pages
  • Up to 2 company pictures and logos
  • Interview posted on the station's "Industry Spotlight" blog and or home page

There are three "Industry Spotlight" packages available: 

  1. "Industry Spotlight" blog post
  2. "Industry Spotlight" blog post plus being featured on the home page of a College Underground Radio station of your choice with a link back to the "Industry Spotlight" blog interview. 
  3. "Industry Spotlight" blog post, being featured on the home page of Every College Underground Radio station's website home page with a link back to your "Industry Spotlight" blog interview.

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