These days we talk about “brand communications” as a viral message that is put on the Internet and gets a following and attracts a lot of people and is not necessarily designed as advertising.

It’s designed as a piece of entertainment, or information, or an intriguing piece of communication that grabs your attention, and the public turns it into a message. The public chooses to send it on to other people and thus turn it into a property for the brand. 

Social Media Marketing

Reach the College Underground Radio social media fan base. Have your anouncement/event broadcast to our listeners thorugh our social media sites. Text with a link to your website or picture with a link to your website.

Text or picture with a link to your website on all College Underground Radio Social Media Sites.

Package 1 - 1 post, Package 2 - 1 post per month for 6 months, Package 3 - 1 post per month for 12 months.

Social Media Marketing Packages