Defining success for an online radio station can be done in two ways: by assessing the joy it brings a station owner in playing the music, or by looking at the Profit & Loss statement. In either definition, a College Underground Radio station can fit your needs.

If you are only interested in playing music, then just sit back and relax. It is automatic.

If you are interested in making money, then the basic elements are:

Developing bands, artists and shows to play on your station, generating website traffic, and if you were in it to make some money, then generate advertising revenue.

Music Development

Continuous development of new bands, artists and shows for music to be played on your station. You are looking for Music Submissions and Radio Shows, which gives you content plus generates revenue. You can hire commission based "Talent Scouts" and "Booking Agents" to assist in music development.


Be on the lookout to be adding music reviews and blogs in different music genres to the website. This helps to generate returning and new website visitors. You can hire "Music Editors" to write articles or music reviews.

Generating Website Traffic

The key to a succesful station is website traffic and listeners. Potential advertisers and artists will want to know about your traffic.

  • Website promotions
  • Email marketing
  • Internet-Social Media
    • Facebook, Twitter, etc. upkeep. Adding friends, both individuals and bands, to each site.
    • Posting of news, emailing updates and promotions
  • Local
    • Nightclubs, events, etc.


Main areas of advertising revenue. Website Advertising, Band Advertising, Radio Shows, Promotions and Sponsors.

  • Website Advertising
    • There are two main advertising venues.
    • Standard advertising which consists of banner ads, weblinks and friends of the station.
    • Premium advertising consists of sponsorship or underwriting your primary content areas like "Discover" "Featured Artist" etc.
  • Band Advertising
    • Consists of generating Music Submissions, Featured Artist Submissions, Band ads on your Website
  • Future Sound Radio Show
    • Radio Shows can generate revenue, website traffic or both. Can be great for monthly revenue.
  • Promotions
    • Nightclub promotions
  • Sponsors
    • Obtaining sponsors for contests, events and promotions. Can be money or prizes.
  • Hiring (If you want help or decide to expand)
    • You can hire commission based "Account Executives" to assist in selling advertising.
    • Recruit, select, hire and train Talent Scouts, Booking Agents, Account Executives and Music Reviewers. All commission or performanced based.

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