“Featured Artist” is a very popular feature of College Underground Radio that helps to expose a band or artist to the college, underground and independent music radio listener.


College Underground Radio has created an exposure platform for the undiscovered artist. As I am sure you know, it is so difficult for today’s artists to promote or market their brand. We are working hard to make a difference for today’s unsigned or undiscovered bands and artists to promote and market their story, music and brand to help them to generate sales, downloads and exposure.


College Underground Radio can be a great vehicle for unsigned or undiscovered bands and artists to get your music heard and build new and more fans. So, whether you are a completely undiscovered artist just starting out, an independent artist that has been around for a while or a signed artist looking to establish a brand name then getting featured on College Underground Radio is a major step to showcasing your talent to the world. 


Thee is a small fee to assist us with the costs of an employee to set up, edit, format and upload to the Scrolling Marquee. It includes One picture or logo (200x200 pixels) on the College Underground Radio Website Home Page "Featured Artist Scrolling Marque" which is linked back to either your website or social media page.

Choose An Option Below to Proceed and Become Our Next Featured Artist!


1 Station Listing in the Featured Artist Scrolling Marquee on the Station's Website Home Page For 3 Months $34.95 USD or 12 Months $54.95 USD 

NOTE: Airplay is NOT INCLUDED in any Featured Artist package


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