There are days when I get on the Internet and I literally spend hours roaming from site to site. I weave in and out of people’s lives, getting lost over and over again without the worry of finding my way home but never finding anything of interest either.

Then there are days on my never ending Internet trek that I stumble onto a treasure chest, and the day I accidentally stumbled into the myspace of Civilized Tears I discovered gold!

I remember sitting back in my desk chair with my headphones on and listening to this amazing song called “Blue Sunrise” over and over and over again! Where the hell have I been? Who is this band? Why haven’t I heard this song before? Such a relief for my ego when I realized that the band was new, having only been together a little more than 2 years. The music and the band itself were still being developed. This was just the beginning for these guys.

Regardless, I knew I was hooked and I immediately stole “Blue Sunrise” for my own space. Since that day I have watch as this band and its leader Tim Bennett have worked endlessly to make their dreams come true and get their songs heard. I can’t say enough about the songwriting.

There are stories for each song, most stemming from the life experiences of singer Tim Bennett. He has lead a very interesting existents so far, with more than enough life changing experience for such a young man with such an old soul. They started their own Indie label called “Happy Aliens” in the summer of 2006.

If you visit their “myspace” you can follow along on their journey since Tim keeps everyone updated on a weekly basis. He also keeps this very entertaining blog of his adventures past and present…I know there is a very steamy best selling novel in this man’s future! I will be first in line at the bookstore!


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