They Might Fly 737's, But These Girl's Are 10's

Although these three beauties spend countless hours of air time with no access to wifi, they've somehow managed to accumulate a combined total of around a million followers on instagram. All three women were born in Sweden, are all commercial pilots and to top it off; avid yoga enthusiasts. They claim to use this practice to help "maintain their fitness, enhance their concentration and keep calm under pressure". 

Maria Pettersson

Maria is 32 years old and commercially flying for Ryanair. She was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and for the time being, residing in Palermo, Sicily. She started her instagram page after her first move to Italy, so she could share her adventures with her family and friends back home. Over a short amount of time, she’s amassed nearly 450,000 followers in Instagram alone and it’s easy to see why. As far as we all know this bombshell is still single and still looking for that special someone, just in case anyone out there is interested! 

Malin Rydqvis

Malin, is a 29-year-old extraordinarily beautiful Croation-based pilot of a Boeing 737 commercial jet. She has always had an active lifestyle, and enjoys many other sports, such as skying, snowboarding, and biking. She fell in love with yoga after a snowboarding accident in 2008, which left her suffering with tremendous back pain. "I tried everything and the only thing that really worked for me was yoga," she said. You can find her and her 200,000+ followers on instagram as @flymalin.

Maria Fagerström

The 25-year-old from Lund Sweden, is widely known on Instagram as @mariathepilot, with nearly 400,000 followers and counting. Maria Fagerström is the only revealing the identity of her loved one, with photos all over her instagram of romantic scenes of her and a handsome man by the name of Victor. She currently lives in Spain, but can be found all throughout Europe. Maria is the newest to the group and is appreciative for the support she gets from the other two. Mind you, she proved herself quite capable while studying to be a pilot at the young age of 18, while still completing her high school education. “I did two educations at once,” she admits. “It was difficult at times, but I’ve always been goal-oriented, and I’ve never doubted that flying was what I wanted to do.” 

Calm And Collected

Despite being the minority, Maria Pettersson says she remembers one of her pilot instructors explaining why women might actually be more suitable pilots. “We’re calmer.” Maria says, “When it comes to decision making, we think about it. Guys are more like, ‘This is the right answer’ and just go for it.” There practice of yoga also helps all three girls remain calm and present in the moment, regardless of what's going on around them while they take the cockpit controls.

Bikini Lovers

When they're not up in the air, you can most definitely find these girls posted on a tropical beach somewhere, soaking up the sun or getting into an impossible pose. (asana, as we say in yogi terms)
Finding Her Inner Peace

Taken from Maria Pettersson's instagram feed, Maria exclaims "Breath in, breath out and leave whatever was yesterday where it belongs, behind." Not only is she an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of followers, but a truly talented yogi with words of wisdom to offer her fans.

Flipping Perspective

Malin flips perspectives here while she busts out a perfect head stand on rocky terrain. She quotes, "Your body can achieve what your mind believes,"  now that's certainly true considering the fact that she's balancing on very uneven grounds.

The Sky's The Limit

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don't change it you will never go anywhere” Good vibes only -Maria Peterrsson.

Yoga Every D*** Day

Taken from Maria Petersson's instagram, visiting Dubai's iconic, Burj Al Arab. It's no surprise these girls have so many followers, girl or guy-I think we all have a little envy!

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