Name Artist
All In Jami Ward
All Over Again John Ashburn
Allusion Cestus
Baila Conmigo Wito Rodriguez
Beaten But Not Dead Pressure
Bender Dark Summer
Better Days Creighton Daniel
Breaking it Nadergator
Broken Land Lorne Brinkman
Candlelight Peter Barnett
Change It Carl Rundown Band
Cold Moon Cestus
Comfort Me The Kim White Band
Coming Home Erick Beau
Complicating Slaves To Humanity
Crazy Town Alex Butler
Darling Drug Jim Kili
Deep River Chris Bevington Organisation
Desolate Days Chellcy Reitsma
Dodged That Bullet Juli Tapken
Drinking Song Uneasy
Driveway Travis Crawford
Evil Ways Blood to Bone
Faceless Woman Danny Helm
Free Ashleigh Dillon
Get It! Get It! Mickey Utley
Goodbye Vertical 8
Good Luck Elliot Wren
Gun From My Hands John Eason
Hellborn Oceans Burn Black
Hold On My Heart Darrell Goldman
Homeless Guy Fingers and Sunshine
Hungry Love Marion Drexler Band
Hot Love Wikkid Starr
I Drink Alone Pebo Wilson
I'm a Mama's Girl Brenda Kaye Perry
I Was Wrong James Nikolas
I Wouldn't Call It Revenge Katie Ann
Ink Sarah Sunday
Jesus In The Midnight Hour Garry Moore
Joyce of the Market The Pinkerettes
Let's Tie the Knot Steven Lee Douglas
Liberal Anthem The Pinkerettes
Lifetime Richard Carroll
Lightworkers Sylvestra Bianchi
Location Location AitKin
Love Never Fades Hipbone
Madhouse Stonemuffin
Memphis Rocks Steve Byers
Misery The First Fire
Murder in the Bedroom Sülf
Mute Revolution Miload
Neon Glow Danny Kensy
No Angel Mother Water House
No One Ever Knows High Street
On The Other Side Of Corona Sean Casey Experiment
One Piece of My Heart Martin Ashe Originals Band
Party Dos Hippies
Passion Jim Kline
Rag Doll Westwood
Raisin Hell Debra D' lane
Rock's Not Dead Peace of Blues
Run David Alex Wolf
Say His Name Kinzie Rose
Say I Do Eric Atkinson
Scream Tom Martini
Seensaw Sagasaw
Semi Colon Inbal Aharon Azrad
Slipped Quantum
Slow Motion Natalie Auell
Song for a Liar Red Tree Religion
Sparks Fly Worlds Collide
Stand Up The Silvers
Storms of Life Just For Jesus
Take Me Back to Tiki Paige Rutledge
Tennessee Honey Dean Young
The A.D.D. Song Jerry Hensley
Torn Inside Shadow Valley
Truckload of Blues Linda Sussman
You're Fired! Amphis
What Are You Waiting For Will Warman
When Do We Learn? KOL3RA
When The Pieces Don't Fit Jim Gilligan
Where I Belong Grainne Duffy
Woff Baby Alice
X-Rated Choice Not Chance


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