Self-awareness is a foundational requirement for success-- either you define who you are or someone else

will do it for you. Artist/Writer/Producer VONEX is clear about his position and the rules for his career. VONEX, whose name means Von…the Next Big Thing, has been working to create his own path in the music industry.

Born in Nashville, TN, VONEX’s motivation and positive outlook are birthed out of what appeared to be adversity stacked against him during his childhood. Growing up without a father and a mother barely around, Von, along with his two older brothers went to live with his grandparents. With a God-fearing and strict upbringing, Von spent his early years in church which was instrumental in creating his knowledge of self & music.

Playing in the band until high school, it was soon after that his ear led him a different direction…Producing. However, as he entered college, his passion turned to other untapped talents—not only writing but rapping and performing, as well. “My friend Sosa Gutta pushed me to rap after he heard me freestyle.” From that moment VONEX was born and realized that he had to create a different approach and establish his own uniqueness. “That’s why I write, produce, record, mix and perform my own music. It is important for me to give all that I am as an Artist. I want the listener to get the total effect of my music, as much as, possible”.

While VONEX is influenced by the complexities of music -- a different song, a different voice, a different beat -- Von credits his true influences to his family. As he recalls his childhood he chooses to focus on the motivation and strength he gained from his grandparents, rather than the negative.

In the end, VONEX’s music is not only a reflection of life experiences but his desire to share his musical talents and gifts with the world. With a firm and grounded partnership with Beat Street Entertainment along with a perseverant drive & focused work ethic, this soon to be musical Phenom will definitely be leaving his imprint with a memorable and lasting mark with listeners around the world.

More of VONEX’s music can be found at including his most recent mixtape, entitled "UNSTOPPABLE" hosted by Don Cannon. This mixtape includes the smash singles, “Own Category and Bags”.


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