Voice of Addiction is from Chicago, IL. They are a politically charged & socially 

conscious rock and punk group. The band is comprised of Ian Tomele (Vox, Bass Guitar) Andy Bobby Petty (Drums, Backing Vox).

Voice Of Addiction takes on the attitude that the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with genre-mashing breakdowns. Sometimes described as a "unique refreshing slant to the rock world." Voice Of Addiction's members put their distinct personalities and experiences into the instruments they play and the music they write. V.O.A.'s music has an immense presence that builds tension and releases it at the most opportune times.

In 2010 Voice Of Addiction re-issued 2 sold out albums onto a combined double album. Their 4th release "Reduce Reuse Resist" a full length out Digitally in May, CD in June & Vinyl in July 2011 with boutique studio Stranded on a Planet and producer Scott Fritz. V.O.A. realizes how important the live show is to their career playing 100 gigs in both 2009 & 2010, with extensive touring in 2011 throughout the US in conjunction with nine12 Records & Wrecking Ball Production, to promote the new album, Reduce Reuse Resist. V.O.A. has also been hosting the Chicago Punk Night for over 3 years, bringing in the best in local, regional and national punk bands. Signed with Wrecking Ball & GO Diy Records, publicist team Rainmaker Media Group and distro with Hell City Records. In Europe publicity through Dr Music PR and distro through Plastic Head. Voice Of Addiction has played over 500 shows in 7+ years of existence.

V.O.A. released their full-length self-titled album in 2004. Voice Of Addiction was included on the compilation released by Skratch Magazine at the end of November 2005 featuring such artist’s as Anti-Flag, Allister and Under Oath. V.O.A. recorded an EP the end of December 2005 simply titled EP 2005. In June 2006 released “A New Religion.” In 2008 the epic "re-Evolution" album was released. In 2009 V.o.A. was featured on "Rock out Chicago" "Radio One Chicago" and "Ska 4 Life" compilations. Currently working hard on our 4th release, a full length entitled "Reduce Reuse Resist."



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