admiddleton1Andrew David (A.D.) Middleton son of June Audrey a piano player and Harry my father who loved listening to classical. A. D. had an

immaculate vinyl collection... The Beatles The Stones, Hendrix, Led Zepp, Marley, Bowie, Floyd, The Doors and all the rest which became his education. He knew the words to all of them before he could walk. So as a musician he felt unbelievably lucky to have such an amazing foundation.

A. D. was inspired to become a bass player and after just eight months of playing classical guitar which he found was the easiest instrument to practice on, he was asked to play the bass by his my brother whose mates were getting a band together. They asked him to learn the bass lines to twenty songs because they had a gig booked for just two weeks later. Being so young and he could hardly play, getting thrown into a rock band at the deep end getting their travel expenses payed and more importantly free beer was an absolute dream.

He couldn't help thinking that if he was to do this for a living he thought, “I’m gonna have to start writing myself cos no one else in the group was really interested in doing our own songs!” So after a few attempts at us at least giving it a try....We parted ways after let’s say artistic differences.

So after failing to write anything to get confident about in my teens and all thru the rest of my early history I decided to lay down all instruments and concentrate on the poets and all the other great writers and why they had become great.

A.D. discovered the lack of playing and his so called new poetic mind outpouring creativity he couldn't keep up with, as soon as he picked up the acoustic, the tunes started flowing. Because he hadn't played in ages he found himself being driven by the syllables and melodies, and also started to envision a stage of players around him getting ideas where the other instruments would lead.

Middleton found that writing words first takes him into the unknown and he finds it is a more exciting process when it comes to hearing the music for the first time. He tends to find less boundaries this way rather than saying.....that's got to be major or minor and this chord has to follow that.

A.D. Middleton is now close to writing maybe ten albums. He has played a few open mic nights and loves performing live. The mission is to record as much as possible over the next six month and then all being well he'll be performing throughout the summer.

A.D. says “there is no replacement for practicing what you love every day.”

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