Jason Spinner is a talented Progressive House and Trance EDM artist from Tampa, FL.

His most recent release, Leto, has been a huge hit among the electronic dance community.The progressive trance track has over 200K streams on Spotify since its release in late spring. The success that Leto has seen in such a short amount of time is nothing less than astonishing. It has quickly become a favorite among Progressive trance fans. His next release, Asteria, is scheduled for release on 1/1/20. It will be distributed by Sony Orchard distribution worldwide.

Jason has proven himself to be an extremely gifted producer. His tracks are layered with consistent build-ups and unique melodies with a very polished and professional sound. His creative mixing style as a DJ has gained him national attention for his “live-on-the-fly” remixes, earning him recognition from Mixcloud as one of the “top up and coming artists of 2018”. Jason has been featured in several EDM exclusive publications and is quickly rising to success as a Top progressive EDM artist. He is signed to White Lion Audio Record Label. 


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(@DjJasonSpinner): https://twitter.com/DjJasonSpinner?s=09'


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