INNER SKIN is born between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 from a musical project.

The meeting with the drummer Giorgio Ranciaro takes place in Rome at the end of 2018, thanks to intermediation by the producer Fabio Trentini. The band immediately devotes itself to produce some singles. "Whispers" and "Once" being the first ones. The result is a modern and never predictable alternative rock. Trentini joins the band as a bass player/producer, and arranger. New single POISON Videoclip, available on you tube IS channel get more than 30k views in just one week on line ! “Inner Skin is looking for any kind of mid and long-term collaboration or contact/contract to keep on developing its own path of artistic growth. “ MUSIC PRODUCER Fabio Trentini: bass player, is an internationally active producer and a musician who has collaborated with the likes of The Guano Apes, Mr.Mister, The Footprints, H-Blockx, Stick Men and many others...


Crowd reviews from about song POISON “I love the ranges in this song. All the fluctuations work perfectly together, and the singer has a great voice. That paired with the music makes a very nice song. The song reminds me of a lot of older music, and I love the sound of it!” “I liked everything about this song. His voice is very good and goes perfectly with these lyrics. Instrumentals are above average. I would look for more from this artist.” “At some points the instrumental felt off or too loud that it overwhelms the vocalist I think its a good song with a lot of potential the vocalist was great.” “I was impressed by the instrumentation. Had a lot of energy while still being kind of emotional. Vocals fit the music very well. This guy can sing.”

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