Originally from Youngstown, Ohio passionately loving music! I then: 

Moved out to beautiful California in nineteen - ninety! I LOVE MUSIC simply said, no matter if Im listening, writing, singing, or performing. I enjoy creating FUSIONS of RNB, Hip Hop, Pop, and last but not least Gospel soul music! Songwriter/ singer I am first & foremost but these are the Four genres my life has been shape around Musically & Personally. The wonderful thing I've come to appreciate about who I am and what I've done in Music is the ARTISTIC DISCOVERY in being creatively versatile. I've worked with Stellar singers, songwriters, rappers, and "Awesome" Music Producers like "extraordinare" Christian Davis of www.slydoggie.com on the song "You stole it!" that he produced and he & I co- wrote. Bo Lavail can be dealing with love themes in songs, to being inspirational in other songs created! Im so excited to share the music. Hope to find u in the music thank you!!! IT'S BL

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