“Is that you? Are you sure that’s you?” Those are the questions that Pop artist Amira is always asked.

This happens when one listens to a recording of her music after first meeting her. Quite, shy and soft-spoken are a few words that describe Amira.  Born and raised in Maryland USA and the only girl of her generation, Amira grew up listening to quartet gospel, go-go and R&B she always had the passion for singing but not the confidence but she eventually found her true calling in pop music. A global songstress with the appreciation for any and all genres of music she transforms into a sensationally captivating vocalist. Amira grabs her listeners, who are affectionately dubbed Amira’s Army, with her riffing melodies, and unique style of singing songs she has unlimited potential to be known as the next pop mega superstar!

Amira has the look, the sound, and the smarts to make it in the music industry. Self-taught, Amira strikes listeners with her young look, powerful voice, and confidence. As a performer with unlimited potential, she has the look of Aaliyah and the musical style of Jojo.

“My first love is music and I know that it’s the one thing that I want to spend my life doing, so why not make a living out of doing something that I, both, love and enjoy?” Some of Amira’s influences include: Beyonce, Jojo, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, and Taylor Swift.

At the age of 13, Amira recorded her first song with producer, Jerome ‘Rome’ Jefferson. Since then Amira has been in a few talent shows. One in particular, she entered into her high school talent show and took home 3rd place.

She is currently in the studio writing and recording her first EP with producer, Kevin Jackson, Jr., that she will be releasing soon. Amira states, “I am definitely ready to take the next step in my musical career!”

Amira's currently on The Emerging 200 Chart on http://www.upcoming100.com. She's currently at #69, continue to listen to 'Mathematics' via SoundCloud, to help her climb the charts.

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