The Last Bite Band formed in 1984 by founding members Michael Sheehan & Pete Sheehan. 

Writing, recording, & performing a genre of Rock-n-Roll and Progressive Rock the band has developed an original sound that is continuing to grow creatively as well as progressing in the most positive way that provides a unique brand of entertainment. The founding members were introduced to the music industry at a very young age. Pete & Michael began making & playing music at the age of twelve. They started their first band out of grade school & quickly started recording demos. During high-school and with the growing desire to succeed Peter & Michael merged into the ranks of the local Rock n Roll scene in 1975 opening for some popular local rock bands. This included many live performances @ a venue called “Escape Country”, one of Southern California’s (Orange County) party destinations.

In the late 80’s the two founding members relocated to Phoenix Arizona where they started a band called “Boss Fusion”, which later became known as “Allelois”. After the band Allelois the developing World Wide Web had become an emerging opportunity for their music that had yet to be explored. The band (Michael & Pete) took period of time to educate themselves in the field of the growing marketability & popularity of the internet. The founding members agreed that extensive training in computer science (Media Development & Computer Networking) would be a great asset to the band, so then by obtaining degrees which are prevalent to the music industry The Last Bite Band were able to establish a competitive edge that is evident in their creative works.

After considering various names the two revisited their childhood, and remembered a name from the past, one that existed as the name of their very first band; the name was “The Last Bite”.

We are excited about the future and look forward to the many electrifying times that will not only change our lives, but all those who are and will become part of our dream…


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