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The Third Arrangement is a group from Southern New Jersey. In 2016, Keyboardist Nathan MacAdams began rehearsing a 4 piece band which included local guitarist Frank Morley.

It's a factor that Telopath is a super star in the Entertainment field. Many are manufactured, but few are born with it. Telopath is a natural artist.

Hailing from Detroit, JASHAR is a premier, unique artist boasting styles in Rap and Hip Hop. Sometimes blurring the lines between genres he has been able to create a familiar but different and original sound from the norm.

Refract is a female-fronted psychedelic progressive rock band giving birth to a wall of rockin' sound with kaleidoscopic rhythms and silly strings.

MarionDrexlerBandMarion Drexler grew up on a small farm in rural Central Ontario. Country music was always on the radio or record player. Although Marion has a broad musical interest, country remains the root of her sound.


Hailing from Los Angeles, TBDT's sound is a tapestry of Rock, Dark Folk, Grunge, Southern Gothic, Rockabilly, and Punk.

Melbourne born singer/songwriter Brooke Reuss stamps her own unique edge to the sound of pop luminaries.

A rising upstart on the UK electronic music scene, KRUX makes live vocal electronic music.

Jack McKeever is a singer songwriter, engineer and producer.

TheMackMan moonwalked onto the scene in his debut episode of The Voice Kids UK in 2019 - Season 3.

Watch out - Cash Tha Ruler is going to be the newest name hot on everybody's lips.

Adam Wiley was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on August 1, 1995.

Frenchie_Lo-Fi is a musician who exited the military and started working security.

Up & Coming Rap/HipHop Artist From Northern New Mexico.

American, New Jersey based rapper and song writer MCGtherapper.

Adik Angel is a prolific composer who dwells and creates in Switzerland.

Pterodactyl Problems have risen to save rock from extinction, and not a moment too soon.

Known for work behind the scenes as producer & audio engineer...

Jacques is an artist with a passion for Motown, Soul and R&B music.

All Systems Go is a pop punk band from NJ. with a continued desire to write and perform music.

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