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The Underground

Discover The Next Big Underground Artist! College Underground Radio set out to find a few artists that are great picks for really good music. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before, and some of them you may very well have not. However, chances are that you will almost always discover something new, entertaining and informative.

With that said, take a break, mellow out for a minute and Discover The Nest Big Underground Artist! 

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How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story? No real story behind that except that my parents gave it to me. Haha. I formally went under the name Leo & Cancer, a name I made between my ex.

Dream Aria is a band that is one of Canada’s hidden secrets. They are quite unique because there are not many Canadian bands that are in the neo progressive genre. Dream Aria is #1 on the Reverbnation Overall chart

Anthony Alan was born between the black and ivory of the keys. Gravitating to guitar at fifteen, the rocket was launched with no parachute or intent to return. Flash forward to the present & the machine is definitely in motion.

JD Carroll has been writing music since before paper was invented. Originally, he carved his lyrics into wood tree limbs and etched them onto slabs of soft stone. This was an extremely time consuming way to record his music.

Diana Payne was born in Oklahoma City and grew up in a very musical family. Her first time performing with a band was in the 6th grade where she discovered how at-home she was on stage.  She met Grant Leftwich,

Mojave Sol is a Texas based band that has been creating original rock n roll music. Their music is written for the soul. Rock N Roll band, original music with many styles such as Rock, Blues, Funk and alternative.

MJM, Canada’s own best kept secret is fronted by Michael J. Miller, previously from Toronto’s “Rapid Tears”, (Chameleon Records, Canada) and “Adrenalin” (Long Island Records, Germany).  MJM’s songwriting is driven by

Ricky Walsh, known more popularly as Ric Da Vinci, was born on October 30, 1995 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. From an early age, music played a major role is his life. His father, Rich Walsh, played guitar and was

Steve Hester is Hi Energy Country/Outlaw Country/ Southern Rock/Blues Rock doing originals. The band has performed with B.B. King, Eric Gales, Chris Duarte, Johnny Winter, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Smokin' Joe Kubek

Kate grew up to the sounds of the music of Broadway in New York City, during the era of the Beatles, Joni Mitchell and so many inspiring singer-songwriters. Drawn to Celtic music, she became very inspired by

DayDreams is Jarryd Ramborger, a solo Folk/Blues/Experimental multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Temecula, CA currently residing in La Mesa, CA.

What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music

Combining two very different styles, Kin 4olk combines harsh Rap beats to address many social problems faced within the country. Made up of Cleveland native Daim Dizz and Arkansas’ H.O.R.N., their truthful and

Often compared with Neil Young, Steve Andrews is an eclectic singer-songwriter and author from Cardiff in Wales but now based in Portugal, where he has been number 1 in the Reverb Nation chart for Singer-songwriters. He is

What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound? Alternative would best describe my music and put an umbrella up over genres from rock, psycho billy, folk,

Trevor Ohlsen is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and record producer. He was born and raised in Iron Mountain, MI. In 2014 he attended McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota as a guitar

Victorious Marcus, is from Houston, Texas, where he attended the same school of performing arts as Beyonce Knowles at Welch Middle School! He is now residing and working in Los Angeles, California and

Steve Harwood is a singer/songwriter from the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. He is relatively new to music, but since he writes about whahe has experienced, knows, sees and feels, Steve has a lot to say.

Loveblind: the concept that love is not only blind, but blinding; the hard edge of metal fused with jazz, hip hop, electronica, R&B, and grunge; exploring the joy and pain of the human experience. 


What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

Hip Hop and reggae, and my music is original and sound energetic serious.

LeciaI first heard about Lecia Louise in March 2011 when she blew out the votes in a “Discover New Artists” contest on College

AftonPraterMy ears perked up, foot started tapping and I asked, “Who is this country singer?” Found out she is Afton Prater, voted “Best Teen Female Artist” and “Best Album” in the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood plus “Best Teen Songwriter” and “Best Country Songwriter” in the 2013

JEERKDISCLAIMER: I am biased because I love this band’s music. JEERK is a Rock band, a Tap dance act and a Rhythm group originating from Sweden. In today’s music, they are a new breed of entertainment: Versatile, Unexpected, Innovative and Clever. However, whether 70's

Award winning Mediterranean beauty Lisa Panagos is an American singer, songwriter, actress and producer.  Although born in Maryland in the U.S., Lisa possesses a unique array of exotic heredities from the mystical

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