Old Danish guy who has played music his whole life. He has played mostly as a drummer but has early learned to play other instruments as well. 

He has played drums in a lot of bands playing cover songs and a few where they made their own songs. He has played Rock, Pop, Jazz and some Latin music and theater and musicals. After the start of digital music-making and the possibility of distributing music as a home studio musician he has distributed a lot of his songs to the world. He has his very own style, based on inspiration from music from the 80s to now. Pink Floyd, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, Mike Oldfield, Led Zeppelin and others as he's inspiration then.

In 2018 he quit his daily job and start making music every day. He composes in many genres besides Rock he also does Jazz, Symphonic Rock, Latin inspired Rhythmic, and many other rhythmic genres. He has his very own style. 

He has currently released 8 albums and 3 singles and is working on 2 albums to be released in April or May 2020. All his music is to be found on big streaming sites like Amazon, Tidal, Apple, Spotify, and others.

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What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

Alternative Indie Rock but I also do Other genres. Jazz, Funk, Latin, Country. All my music has a very rhythmic beat. It is my drummer gen which is influencing my music. And I like to make my music as a painting where there are impressions and moods.

I always start by playing on my keyboard and what I hear I influence me to which type of genre it will be.

Sometimes it changes throughout the creative process.

How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?

That's a tuff one. By Birth

What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?

It started in the early days when I was a teenager and listen to the music. Beatles, Rolling Stones and later on Pink Floyd, King Crimson and then Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa. And Bach was my inspiration when I started to play on the keyboard.

When I was 15 I played Keyboard (organ), and Guitar and Bas and it was quick for me to learn it because I already had the rhythmic knowledge,

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

I am working on another vocal album and an instrumental single/EP. Properly to be released by April or May. I always work alone, That fits my working process best. I don't play in bands anymore but enjoy my life as a retired old man making music in his home.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

To get my music heard. I have no desire to be famous but just getting my music out.

What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?

I do not perform live It is not possible for me to play my music live.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

It is not the music part but the administrative part, Solical sites, Soundcloud and other similar sites, To validate which songs get attention and which s not. And these pictures changes by time when you get more and more followers.

Promotion, registration at PRO, etc. There is so much to be aware of when you are an independent artist.

What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?

Sometimes I have something in my head I try to write down as fast as possible. I normally make a lot of midi notes as I call it. Small pieces of songs. I turn recording on my DAW and then I play on my keyboard out in the blue.

I save everything I play because time has learned me that even if you don't like it now it will in time fit into another piece someday.

I have always a lot of midi notes, which can be a whole song or chorus or bridges or verses to another song.

When I work with a midi note I make some changes to it during the work process.

Normally I can find the tune of the song in the keyboard play but if not I can make it.

If I work with vocals it is the vocals which is setting the tune.

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?

I can see after I have begun to use my twitter/Facebook/Instagram account I get more attention to my music and the possibility to use promotion in these media has encreased my plays and followers on Spotify.

I always say that If I like my song, the chance is that someone else also likes it too.

You can't get everybody to like it so go for those who do.

If you do what everybody does, you disappear. You must stand out from the crowd so don't lose faith in your self.

What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?

I like to hear the radio what they are playing there. I don't have a favorite artist. I like the old rock music and when I played in cover bands we always played the '60s and the '70s music whit some of the popular newer songs.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

I was very young when I started so I haven't actually done anything else. Music has filled my entire life nxt to my daily job and family life.

I have always made my own music but never released any of it because then it was not possible for an amateur to distribute music. You should have a contract with a label to get it and this was tuff business, so I recorded all my music on a tape recorder.

Later with the digital music age, it is now possible for the independent artist/band to get the music distributed. A big plus for the music industry and not the least the listeners

Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

Practice your skills and your music.

Keep on believing in your self. Don't lose faith if someone doesn't like what you are doing, if you likes what you are doing. Someone will :-).

Don't go for the top but go for a little bit better every time. The top is only for the few.

Do music because you love it and not for the money.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?

I don't know, I haven't been there. It is money driving the industry and not the talent alone.

How Do You Feel About Originality?

It is very important. To express your self in a way that you are comfortable with and is not duplicating anyone else.

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