SeVon2Se’von is a rising star in the middle of a major music mecca. He has written for multi-platinum acts like Case, Tony Terry, and Lyfe Jennings. He followed that up with starring in his own episode of the BET hit reality show “HELLDATE”, and he did not stop there, soon after that landing

a major licensing deal with Turner Broadcasting for the 2012 NBA playoffs for his hit song “Long Road’.  

Se’von is The 2013 Georgia Music Awards Winner for “Best Male Hip Hop Artist” and the February 2014 Winner of College Underground Radio’s “Discover”.  I have the pleasure of talking with Se'von.

Tell us how you got started.

I'm the son and brother of gospel singers and when I was younger I had a few poems published, so I literally started as a poet. Early on I thought I was supposed to be a singer. I soon found out that wasn't my calling. However when I rhymed I affected people’s lives for the better. That’s what I realized.

Describe your brand of Hip-hop/Rap to us.

My brand of music is a new category of music called "Contemporary Hip Hop" and I make sure every record has a positive message that you can come away with and apply to your life.

Tell us about your writing abilities & flow style.

I have a knack for writing very fast. I get sent music from other artists a lot and I often email back full songs within 15 minutes. And as far as flow, the melody of the music often directs my flow.

What type of obstacles have you encountered getting to where you are?

I've encountered every obstacle you can think of; from failed relationships to a parent dying, from every record label wanting to sign me, to very soon thereafter no one even remotely interested. But the story IS, when it's what you're SUPPOSED to be doing, you're SUPPOSED to have obstacles.

Name your three biggest musical influences and they affect you.

My 3 biggest musical influences are probably off the beating path as far as hip hop. They are Journey, Fred Hammond, Lyfe Jennings and Nas (I know you said 3..sorry).

How has social media helped you grow?

Social media has made it possible to build relationships with family, fans and friends that support your music almost seamlessly. It has also begun to level out the playing field that is still mostly controlled by Major Music companies.

Where can new fans go to download or purchase your music?

The best way to purchase music and read about Se'von is here: and follow him on all social media @SevonMusic.

Who's at the top of your playlist on your iTunes or radio right now?

My top playlist song/artist is my new music. I write a lot and I stopped listening to most mainstream music outlets years ago as to not affect my own creativity

How do you feel about being an independent artist?

Being independent has its challenges just like being on a major does. So it’s more about what challenges are you willing to live with. I prefer not to be controlled if I can help it. So from that stand point I love the independent route.

How has your fan base turned out since you started?

My fan base is still growing. Fans like to see consistency in an artist and when you’re an indie that takes a lot more time to develop and show.

What are the goals and heights that Sevon wants to reach?

My goal as an artist is to win a Grammy COMPLETELY independent!

Any advice for young people that want to succeed in the hip-hop/rap world?

My advice to up and coming artist is to try every aspect of music. When you do this you find out what your bad at, and then you find out what your good at. Then you find out what your great at. That’s your starting point. When you recognize your specific greatness (and you love it) just keep going and don’t quit, and then don’t quit some more.

What would you change in the music industry if you were a top exec.?

If I was a powerful music exec, I would change how talent was discovered and then I would lobby to change the diversity of the music played via the major music outlets.

If you weren't Se'von the rapper what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t Se'von the recording artist (not the rapper) I would be even more involved with charities and public speaking than I already am "my bad playa'..*the recording artist*".

What should people expect from a live show from you?

People can expect passion, big songs and a very much LIVE experience. After I perform I often get asked where my type of music has been.

Are you musically inclined to other instruments?

I don't play any instruments but I used to beat , and I wasn't very good.

How do you feel about originality?

I believe that originality is very much missing in today’s market and in my opinion the major labels are mostly to blame. Because they seek out a certain style/sound that has already been proven to make money they re-create that image/sound until it’s played out. Then they do it again with a different image/sound. But the consumers are left with 8 out of 10 new artists all sounding similar.

What’s next from Se'von?

I am doing a WHOLE lot. From working with kids in Minnesota to writing for other artists (one of them COULD be Keri Hilson) recording new music for my solo projects as well as writing music for film and TV...and on this ending note. I have come to realize it is not about the destination is, it’s most certainly about the journey and I’d like to take fans of passionate music along with me ...on my journey.

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