rhett may insatiable Before embarking on my Rhett May journey I did a little sniffing around, simply to see what it was that I was walking into, a musical mental preparation, of sorts.  When I discovered that Rhett May is compared to classic artists such as The Beatles, The Doors and Nash and Young I became,

understandably so, skeptical. Upon reading Rhett’s biography I realized that he grew up in an environment (India and Himalayas) I know nothing about and was immersed in scenes I can now only read about. In my mind, this could only mean one thing: I was about to hear something interesting.

You will stumble upon classic sing along tracks with infectiously naughty lyrics such as Cocktails and Cannabis. This track’s music is so powerful it doesn’t need the accompaniment of vocals but Rhett does us one better by coupling the music with sexy and fun lyrics. CockT, indeed.

My Baby’s Got Stylebegins with soft melodic guitar pluckings that lead into vocals and a full band backup and style that is surely reminiscent of his various influences.

Remember when I said The Doors was a listed influence of Rhett’s? Cue Cute Calcutta Boy. The mystery, the vocals and music that so perfectly reflects the feeling in the lyrics put this track on my repeat list. You know those songs you hear multiple times and hear something new each time? This is the one.

A Little White Powderhas deliciously catchy melodies and dark lyrics that remind me of early Cure circa A Forest days. This is the song that I am still singing a day later. You may scoff at the deceptively simple lyrics at first and later realize they are freaking genius. Plus, with The Cure being my favorite band, I cannot say anything more but bravo!

Lacking a little Latin flair? Where Are You has it. The haunting lyrics and vocals are so opposite that the end result is amazing. Opposites do attract, after all. This is another track with a chorus that you will be singing the next day.

All I Want Is To Touch You is a beautifully crafted bittersweet song that drips with raw emotion. The music, vocals and lyrics all play their part in masterminding a track that cries out. Instant karaoke classic.

Jenny ultimately became my favorite track: the guitar, the vocals, the ups and downs, everything worked so beautifully together and for the first time I agreed with an artist’s biography. Was I listening to a B-Side Beatles track or an influenced independent artist rising out of Australia?

You may initially want to write off Rhett May as just another independent artist swimming in a deep indie pool but if you’re tired of hearing ten versions of the same three bands then give Rhett May a listen. I guarantee you will find a few gems for your collection.

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