Lords of the Trident Brings Pure Metal with Serious Skill

Stretching forth from erupting volcanoes, giant tsunamis, and gruesome battlefields, the self proclaimed “Most Metal Band on Earth” was formed.

Lords of the Trident and their Homer-style Odysseys have landed the band in Madison Wisconsin where they recently released, “Plan of Attack,”

the third and most polished album from the brutal quintet. The title track of the new EP displays the band’s powerful classic metal sound. Pumped full of dueling guitars, Iron Maiden style vocals and head banging drum beats (Sledge Garrotte) and bass thumps (Pontifex Mortis), this song will leave anyone pumped and ready for battle. A fast, steady guitar strum provides the backbone for the strong vocal punch that describes a fearless attack strategy geared toward domination. The “Plan of Attack” EP was released in early July of 2013 and is the first album from the band to feature a producer which helped them accomplish a more pure and driven sound which really shines through on this track and throughout the entire album.

“We are all drawn to the sound of battle,” front man Fang VonWrathenstein explains. “We are drawn to the sound of barbarian rage. All of us are true warriors at heart so we really try to capture the sound of a siege, of horses being geared toward by an evil legion.”

Lords will take their evil legion eastward this August as they take on their first extended tour. If you find yourself at a Lords show be prepared to be blown away and know where the closest fire exit is as it is normal to experience confetti cannons alongside flaming guitars and microphones much of which is built by the band.

“So many bands have forgotten that a show is supposed to be a show and most of the time it’s just straight boring,” Christain explains. “The showgoer expects to hear good music but also expects to be entertained. We go out in full battle garb with guitars and microphones that light on fire and a trident confetti cannon with fog and effects included too. We are currently working on a metal flamethrower.”

Following the release of the band’s second album “Chains on Fire” in the band constructed a chain-like whip soaked in kerosene that ignites with a vengeance much like the title track from that 2011 release. The song is packed with snarling singing and a charging chorus backed by squealing solos thanks to the nimble guitar work by lead guitarists Asian Metal and Killius Maximus. As the last note rings, a strong aftertaste of Judas Priest becomes obvious.

If you can’t catch the effects and dramatics of a Lords live show, the band also produced two music videos for both “Chains on Fire” and a dingy, double-bass drum driven “Face of the Enemy” which also appears on the 2011 release.

Lords of the Trident’s accessible brand of classic metal is familiar and fun with carefully crafted harmonies and driving rhythms that brings vintage metal to a new light. Check out the new EP “Plan of Attack” online! 

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