blowflyCanadian born hip hop artist and songwriter, Blow Flyy, is an example of how independent and self-financed artists can stay true to their sound and message while still gaining a following. Blow Flyy strives to make clean, simple, and entertaining music, while refraining from using

the abundance of profanity that usually accompanies mainstream hip hop. With over 30,000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers combined, Blow Flyy has been able to use social media as an independent artist to promote his music. Sites such as offer free and paid downloads of his songs to the public, list upcoming performances, and give an opportunity to connect with Blow Flyy. 

I was recently able to ask Blow Flyy about his Hip Hop/Pop sound, his goals as an independent artist, and his current projects.   

How did you get started in Hip Hop?

I started by writing poetry in junior high and high school,hip hop I feel, was always apart of me.

Can you describe your “Hip Hop/Pop” sound?

 My hip hop sound is a mixture of hip-hop with a touch of pop so we call it hip-hop/pop. It’s a sound that young and old should love. My music is about love and romance. It’s a breath of fresh air.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career, thus far?

My biggest challenge is promotions and marketing and not having the amount of money it takes to do the promotions & marketing. I really need to reach that worldwide fan-base, sooner rather than later. Other than that, I can’t say I have one. I understand that it take a lot of hard work and dedication in my career in addition to promotions and marketing.

What’s your typical songwriting process?

 I think about an idea and go from there. It takes more than one day to write a song. I put a lot of thought into my music.

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

My biggest musical influence? I would say my grandmother and family. I have a lot of musical people in my family.

You have an incredible following on several different sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. How has social media influenced your career as an artist?

A lot! It’s helped me put my music out and given me the opportunity to do interviews like this with people that are showing interest in my sound.

I see you have a few songs available for free download on, including “My Wings Will Take Me” and “Applause”. What are your thoughts on online music sharing?

It’s a good thing for independent artists like me. It gives people a chance to check us out. The money will come as I'm building my brand and fan base larger worldwide.

What are some tracks or artists that are currently on your playlist?

Right now I'm just focused on myself I don't really have a playlist.

Why do you continue to be an independent artist?

Well, my manager and I feel that as long as I have good production and a relevant sound with the right amount of promo, marketing, and money to reach more fans worldwide, while keeping 100% creative control and controlling my own destiny along with the fans I gain worldwide, that I can make it to where I would like to in this industry. Independent is where I see the music industry going as time goes on.

How would you describe your fan base?

My fan base is growing every day and I love the people that love my music! I would describe my fan base as great.

How did you get the name, Blow_Flyy? 

My fathers name was “Blow”, so I just took his name, added the “Flyy” and you got me!

What do you hope to accomplish as an artist?

I’d like to make enough money to help my family, win some major music awards, give back to my community, and help kids all over the world. I want my music to help me get to places where I can help the poor and sick; I love helping others.

What would you change about the music industry, if you could?

Independent artists being equally played on terrestrial radio as much as major label artists and also the same music licensing opportunity that the major signed artists have. Also, a lot of rappers are forgetting that everybody doesn’t live in big houses and drive nice cars. I would say be more realistic when making music/writing songs.

What did you do before you started making music?

I always made music while taking care of my family and working in the construction industry. Music is a part of me.

How has your hometown province of Nova Scotia influenced your music?

Not that much. My city does not influence me, sad to say, but it’s the reality of living in a city like Nova Scotia. Not that much going on for young black artists/bands.

What can people expect to experience during one of your live performances?

A lot of energy and emotion.

Do you play any instruments?


Are there any artists that you liken yourself to, or strive to be like, while keeping your personal style?

No, I strive to be great in my own way.

Is there anything that you’re currently working on that you would like to share?

Look out for my new album still in the works called “BORN TO DREAM.” I also have a new single out right now called, “TO THE STARZ.” 

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