Those of us who are passionate in the music industry go head on, full force into the bulls-eye and don’t look back until we either hit a wall or catch that break. We are all aiming at the bigger picture no matter what road we choose.

More often than not, we’re not sure about how we’re going to get there, and worse, once we manage to get there we don’t know how to maintain it. How do you learn from what you haven’t experienced yet? Let’s face it; many of us have limited knowledge and understanding…until now. With a resume that boasts work relationships with Interscope Records, G Unit Records, Whooooshouse Worldwide, over 10 years under his belt as a Music Industry Executive, over 100 million spins detected and RIAA awards, it’s easy to see how writing a book about the music industry came easy for multi-faceted music mogul Dave House. Having access to behind the scenes detailed information regarding budgets, record deals and promotions at Interscope became the college experience for Dave, and continuously seeing artists go from nothing to stardom became his graduate school. Feeling compelled to share his unique story and seeing firsthand the struggle and mistakes of the newbies led to frustration which led to the birth of an idea.

In his new book, Street Rules in the Office- The Beginners Guide to Focus in the Music Biz, Dave House cleverly parallels growing up in the rough streets of New Jersey to being an employee in the music industry, putting the ins and outs of survival in laymen’s terms while guiding you through what you will undoubtedly encounter as a music industry professional who’s now setting foot in the music business; giving you the psychology of the business with the street smarts necessary for survival. A few of the rules mentioned in the book are:

RULE 1: Associate Yourself With Something Greater than Yourself

RULE 2: Represent, Represent

RULE 3: Assume Nothing, Cover Your Ass

RULE 4: Balance What’s in Front of You & What’s Around You

Dave’s advice for the independent artists who are dying to get signed by a label? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! “Indie artists are impatient. Be more careful and think things through. Don’t take advantage of the convenience of the music industry. Study the record deals carefully and build relationships.” Don’t fret, indies, because you can do it yourself, though it may be difficult. Dave compares a record deal to a loan, though, as he emphasizes, the record label has a finely tuned and powerful machine behind it with the money to afford mistakes here and there. But things are very different than they were back then, according to Dave. The internet has shaken loose the grip the record labels used to have on fast turnaround, distribution and word of mouth promotions. Learn it all before you approach that label or get that loan to do it yourself, there’s plenty to know before you choose the road.

And so we thank you, Dave House, for walking the road and shining the light on the cement that lies below so the rest of us can see the cracks that lie underneath and step a little wider.

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