Timo Dick James, Brand Ambassador/Booking Agent/Artist Management/Event Promoter/Radio-Street Team & Social Media Marketing Promo Management/A&R of College Radio

Song Writer/A&R @Record Union for Sony Music. Founded 'I'm On It Man Promotions, Inc. In 2006, became assistant for Big Bub Platinum, Songwriter/Lead Vocal of Platinum R&B Group Today @Drake/Web Music Group. Helped organize Live Interviews with Wendy Williams (Radio Show),Jamie Foster Brown(Sister Sister Magazine & Annual Concert Series) and Angelo Ellersbee(XXL Magazine) organized the meeting signing Indie Deal with Platinum R&B Female Lil' Mo & Honey Child

2007 - Brand Ambassador with ATN Across The Nation Promo for Kellogg.

Developed 'I'm On It Man Bookings' 2007 began Booking events for Drake/Web Music Group &

Lil' Mo Platinum R&B Female aka Honey Child. Became Street Team Manager for The Carolina's Campaign for "Sumtimes" Lil' Mo's Single Release ft Jim Jones.

2008 became #1 Indie Agent for the Carolina's after Booking Doug E Fresh, Noel Gourdin, Big Daddy Kane, Chris Brown, Ryan Leslie, Bobby Valentino, Avant & Lloyd. The reputation spread about great business practice. 

Websites or Social Media Pages:

@B. Pureese Instagram
@B. Pureese Twitter
@B. Pureese Facebook
@Brittany Pier LinkedIn

How Did You Get Started in the Music and Entertainment Industry?

Artist Name: B. Pureese
Song: “Merry Go”
Company: Dick James/LaTrese Management,LLC
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

I have been dancing since age 3 and singing since age 5 in church. I developed love early and utilized my dance talents through high school with advanced opportunities for College, where I majored in Dance as well business management/marketing. Currently I am the First Black Woman Entrepreneur Dance Studios Owner in my City Of Shreveport, Louisiana. I am also a Full-time Dance Instructor at a Local Charter School . Last, but not least I am an Upcoming Artist increasing the awareness of Who I am and What my music is all about!

“Merry Go” is streaming on @iTunes/@Google Play/@TIDAL/@Spotify/@Apple Music/@YouTube Music

What Was Your Motivation In Forming This Company?

Unacceptably denied real access and opportunities for various discriminatory practices etc, etc

Is There A Story To Your Company Name?

Be Dance Studio is actually a spin off of my Artist name

What Kind of Obstacles Did You Experience Getting Into This Industry?

Impersonation and fraud and the energy invested in taking advantage of striving musicians that are in the unknowing dwellings of Music & Entertainment Business! Discrimination and attempts of sexual advancement constantly.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?

Impacting people in a positive way and influence on positive mindsets and mood swings musically.
To demonstrate Independence and Ownership as well a continuing process of creating feel good music, magical moments and lifetime memories.

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?

Currently working on my Upcoming EP for release this Fall! I look forward to creating the opportunities to feature with others by putting in my work and raising the awareness of my Brand, because then the level of respect is valuable for the history and the catalog body of work and exposure.

What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?

Beyonce is a great example for young women of ethnicity as well as J Lo!
Janet Jackson and The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

What Are Some of the Biggest Changes You’ve Seen in This Business?

The Shift of Major domination to Independent Label Growth and various opportunities across various platforms that are solid for business.

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Company?

It’s a platform for exposure and media experience built for growing fans and product support.

How Do You Feel Social Media Helps or Hurts Artists?

It’s helpful for Artists and Business that realize the potential in the Grand Exchange and the flip side is there can be conflicting actions resulting in serious consequences when insecurities and disrespectful direct attempts to embarrass others.

What Do You Feel Are The Elements An Artist Needs to Have as Part of Their Product to Go Out There and Pitch It?

Steady work ethic
Challenge ready
Solid Team
Business Objective
Open Minded
Constructive Criticism Preparation
Marketing Plan
Marketable Product
Business Budget or access

Any Advice For New Artists That Want To Succeed In The Music World?

Have a passion for your music and be willing to make sacrifices for accomplishing your goals.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry As a Top Industry Executive?

Being stereotyped

Who In The Music Industry is Making the Money? Where?

Publishers/Writers/Producers/Company Owners in all areas

Where Do You Find Most Artists Are Getting Their Funding?

Hard working jobs, Applying for Business start up loans, Family support.

What Is Your #1 Advice Around How to Make Money in Today’s Crazy Industry?

Owning your business and Publishing etc the keys to a variety of royalty earnings.

What Are Your Thoughts About the State of the Music Industry Today?

It’s continuing to evolve otherwise I would not be interviewing right now.

What Do You Think of Radio Today?

It’s a royalty source that is excellent for program influence.

What About On The Independent/Underground Music Scene?

It’s a unique system

Do You Have Any Favorite Underground or Indie Artists?

I am my favorite Underground Artist as of now, because that’s where my focus remains.

Have You Ever Checked Out College Underground Radio and If Yes, Any Comments?

Yes I have, because my single “Merry Go” is currently playing on College Underground Radio

Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?

I am Soulful & Vibrant Spiritually it’s a great deal of Love over on this side! I dance to motivate and I sing to inspire. 

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