The All New Music Show With JJ Kane

The All New Music Show is about unsigned and emerging artists of all genres of music. It is very John Peel in its approach to new music. All good music deserves to be on the radio, not just the minority who are dictated to by record labels . So this is where I showcase new music from all over the world .

JJ Kane has been in the music industry for over 16 years, doing everything from sound engineering, producing,and touring.  As a singer songwriter, JJ won a John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and her song Angel secured her a publishing deal with in 3 weeks of release, to which JJ still to this day can't believe and is very humble about it even now as she wrote the song for her soon to be son IshI Kane. 

JJ has been described as a MAVERICK in this side of the industry as she does things her own way, and gets results . JJ always gives unsigned artists a voice and never takes No for an answer. 

She has been very privileged to work with some of the top musicians and bands you know see heading the charts from the beginning of their careers, JJ says " they have the gift of music and I the  passion and insight coming from knowing both sides of the coin, so to be able to understand both what it feels like being a struggling artist, to knowing intimately how the industry works, and her mission from day one was to change the face of radio so more unsigned artists can be heard. 

Being able to have her own radio show has a dream come true and she brings to you proper music for people that appreciate talent and not just a manufactured noise.