To introduce myself, as this is my first article with CUR, I’m Bre Harris of Milwaukee, WI., an aspiring writer and entrepreneur, music enthusiast and all-around optimist with an extremely high regard for sharing my opinions! Now listen, I get it, everyone has one now days with the internet allowing the voiceless to have the loudest in the room at any given time ANONAMOUSLY, but there’s something to be said for one who’s opinion is sought out by those who’ve taken it before and benefited right?

Everyone around me constantly hounds me on how I need to be spreading my knowledge/thoughts/opinions to the masses and it got me to thinking, how could I do that? For starters I can reach out to every publication I could find looking for writers/content and submit as many articles on as many topics as I could think to present. Thus, I am here people! Oh, simmer down, no need to cause an uproar on my behalf, I’ll be here all year! 😉

Now, into the topic we delve, shall we?

I want to start off by talking about an “artist” that I absolutely despise! Not because the message of their music jumped on, the now trending, band wagon of “mumble rap”, lacking substance or any type of message to the fans, oh no ladies and gents this is something much worse! This person uses the culture to defend going after established artists to stay relevant and bring new found awareness to their name. This person tears down people of their culture to appease their audiences’ greed for rap cultures demise. This person, in whom I self-debated about for an hour on whether I should name, is A. Banks. If you know the deal with this chick, there’s no need for me to write out what the A stands for. I refuse to give her any more recognition than necessary!

You see, I grew up with chicks like A. Banks, the miserable type who aim to tear you down before you can take a shot at them. You know the type, they were teased all throughout school and didn’t fit in anywhere so when they grow up and discover things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that allow you to play the boss without having to pay the cost they turn into A. Banks. Bullies! Well, I guess not technically because to be a bully you have to actually make an impact. This chick doesn’t make impacts she causes senseless uproars within a culture that’s been drug through the trenches since it’s birth. The reason it bothers me so much is because the very culture she goes out of her way to criticize and attack is that of which she’s been trying to break into for years.  It’s like when a guy tries to get your phone number and you turn him down then all of a sudden you were never that pretty anyway, or it’s some other type of derogatory slur because at this point you’ve damaged their egos.  A. Banks is a failed rapper who’s suffering from a bruised ego stemming from childhood on up to and throughout the struggles of her immerging as a rap artist.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no licensed psychological professional by any means but I have more life experience than the average Joe which lead me to the possession of a multitude of wisdom. I’ve seen A. Banks in so many women I grew up with and around. Being called ugly due to the complexion of their skin, being called a dirty due to growing up with nothing in poverty or as a ward of the system, boys of her own culture showing no interest due to one or both of the above. I get her pain, what I don’t get nor, can I respect is the way in which she goes about expressing it, by turning into a weaker version of the people who caused her pain throughout her life. I say a weaker version because it takes a strong person to take their pain and use it to save someone else from that same pain, but it’s easier to transfer the painful energy than it is to face and heal it!  Those are #BigFacts right there, psych 101!

I have to be honest, I’ve never even listened to her music because I can’t stand behind someone who’s willing to tear down those you should be looking up to as mentors and paying homage too as legendary aspects of the culture she wants oh so bad to be a part of. I can’t bring myself to listen to the music of anyone who’s so full of self-hate that you tear down the very people you claim to want to better the industry for. What do you mean Bre? Why do you think she’s ‘so full of self-hate’? Well thank you for asking. As a darker skinned Afro-Ethnic woman A. Banks blames her lack of success on the color of her skin. Don’t get me wrong, colorism is prevalent and alive in this world period, especially the music industry, BUT if you’re talented none of that can stop the demand for you or your work, regardless of your complexion. At the end of the day, A. Banks is simply, non-talented to put it lightly, she’s gotten national attention from ‘dissing’ established artists like Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, T.I., Wale, Cardi B (and the list goes on) but has yet to generate enough buzz around her music to break through the industry. She speaks on the betterment of Afro-Ethnic people while in the same breath perpetuates stigmas and stereotypes placed on the people who look like her. People with sell-hate belittle and degrade others that look like them to deflect attention from what they may see as their own flaws. She speaks a lot on the belittlement of Afro-Ethnic women in the music industry from male rap artists and from each other as women, but then will turn around and attack another Afro-Ethic woman for physicality’s and materialistic things. She’ll speak on how Afro-Ethnic men are disrespectful to women then turn around and speak on how she doesn’t date Afro-Ethnic guys because they’re all broke and lazy or whatever racial ambiguous slur she uses at the time.

My disdain for A. Banks comes from the fact that in #MyOpinion she’s that one bad apple who’s threatening to spoil the bunch! With the current state of Hip Hop we don’t have room for people like A. Banks tarnishing the already dying genre, as she self-proclaims to be a Hip Hop artist and not a rapper. The genre has went mainstream and lost its substance leaving it open to any and everyone who has the money to fund a career in the industry. Where there was a time when one must have actually been talented to be accepted as a Hip Hop artist, one must have paid their dues with open mics and gaining the trust of the streets (which was the original Hip Hop audience) and paying homage to the legends that came before you while uplifting the Afro-Ethnic people who created the genre after not being allowed to participate in the others for not fitting the bill of what the artists of those genres were ‘supposed’ to look like.

Anyway, this is just a rant to introduce myself and get my feet in the door. Hopefully you all will join me next week for another #MyOpinion rant focused on the dying genre of Hip Hop now known as Rap.

Until next time.

Bre Harris

FB: @Bre Harris

IG: Jus_Kweenin

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