“If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person.”  –Aristotle

In trying times like these, I now, more than ever, hold more stock in the wise words of men past. While we may never know the depths of the music industry truth, we do have experts confirming that we, as humans, naturally emulate behavior. Doesn’t it make sense that the powers that be would encourage television shows, movies and music with violent lyrics and artists with negative self-images that influence people to become more violent towards one another? Why would those in power need to step in to eradicate us when we will simply destroy each other over time?

It was just last week that Ice-T was everywhere on TV promoting his band’s latest single, “Talk Shit, Get Shot” and only a few days later the news was plastered everywhere: Ice T’s grandson Elyjah, only 19, shot and killed his roommate. Direct correlation? Maybe not. Indirect impact? Possibly.

Do you believe lyrics that glamorize raping women would encourage men who are more prone to violence towards women? Would you allow your children under 10 years of age to listen to a Lil Wayne or Beyonce song? Why all the Illuminati talk as of late, specifying the role of the mainstream music industry in this brainwashing game? It seems, whether you have truly thought about it or not, we all have preconceived notions of what music and lyrics do to our minds and hearts.

Why do we listen to sad songs when we are depressed and upbeat songs when we are happy? The music we listen to is reflective of how we feel. So how can we believe that music can’t reflect or influence action?

We must remain cautious that we not allow others to poison our bodies, minds or hearts.

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