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Did you know there is a biological explanation for why men seem to show preference for specific women?When you experience those initial feelings of attraction, it can knock you off your feet.

Let’s face it guys, ours is a lost generation of men. And with good reason. The majority of us had fathers who traded time for dollars and were rarely around for us. For others, dad was checked out altogether.

Be the Boss in the Bedroom

Apply these workplace secrets off the job—and earn red-hot perks that Human Resources would never approve. Unless your last name is on the front of the building, you’re probably not going to score the corner office without

Rock Paper ScissorsThe Oldest Decision Making Tool. There is a new digital game in town and it’s one of the oldest around. Even corporations are making decisions with RPS. Maybe you have heard of this tried and true decision making

showerideasYou’re in the shower, lathering up, when Bam! Inspiration strikes. The perfect marketing plan, the solution to your woes, or a new and fabulous way to raise revenues rockets into your brain. The next thing you know, you’re

twitter2Before you go ahead and decide that it’s worth it because, hey, they only charge 8.95 per 1000 followers, so why not? Put down the debit card and read this before you purchase! While this may be a quick and easy way to see an

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