Where Can I Find Good Underground Music

Finding good underground music can be an exciting journey! Here are several avenues you might explore:


Bandcamp: This platform is a goldmine for discovering underground and independent artists across various genres. You can browse by genre or explore curated lists to find hidden gems.


SoundCloud: Many emerging artists use SoundCloud to share their music. You can explore different genres, follow artists you like, and discover new tracks through the platform's recommendations.


Local Venues and Events: Check out local bars, clubs, and music venues in your area. They often host gigs featuring underground artists. Attend live shows and support local talent.


Independent Record Stores: Visit independent record stores in your area. They often have a selection of underground music and staff recommendations that can lead you to new discoveries.


Online Radio Stations, Radio Shows and Podcasts: Look for online radio shows and podcasts that focus on underground music. They often feature interviews with emerging artists and showcase new releases. One of the first Internet Radio Stations focused only on Underground Music and Independent Artist is College Underground Radio. Having opened in March 2010, College Underground Radio was pioneers in the Underground Muisc genre for Internet Radio.


Music Blogs and Magazines: Explore online music blogs and magazines that cover underground music scenes. They often feature reviews, interviews, and recommendations that can help you discover new artists.


Social Media and Online Communities: Follow underground artists, labels, and music collectives on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Join online communities and forums dedicated to specific genres or local music scenes.


Streaming Platforms: While mainstream streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music primarily feature popular artists, they also have sections dedicated to emerging and independent music. Explore curated playlists and recommendations to find underground artists.


Remember, discovering underground music is all about exploration and openness to new sounds and experiences. Enjoy the journey!